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Benefits of Electromagnetic
Bandgap Technology

The benefits of embedding EBG technology at the board and package level include reducing the number of decoupling caps and dramatically improving self and transfer impedances in power distribution networks . In digital systems, radiated emissions from PCBs may be reduced. In RF receivers, desensing problems from conducted emissions may be mitigated.

Examples where the EBG technology may be applied include

  • Power distribution networks (PDNs) inside printed circuit boards (PCBs) for:
    1. high-speed computer servers and routers
    2. laptop computers
    3. PDAs
    4. mobile phones
    5. cordless and desktop phone systems
    6. driver circuits in digital displays and fiber optic lines
    7. switched mode power supplies
  • PDNs inside LTCC ceramic modules for
    1. microprocessor chips
    2. memory subsystems
    3. multichip modules that contain both digital and RF functions
    4. RF power amplifier module used in mobile phones or WLAN cards
  • PDNs inside RF IC chips for
    1. decoupling local oscillator signals
    2. decoupling RF power amplifiers
    3. decoupling active mixers
WEMTEC has a suite of tools for noise suppression in power distribution networks including:
  1. Resonant Via EBG structures for high current, low Zo, applications

  2. Inductive grid EBG structures for lower current, low cost applications at microwave frequencies

  3. Hybrid EBG structures for lower frequency applications (e.g. 30 MHz to 1.6 GHz)

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